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When and Where to use Bird Spikes | Bird•B•Gone Blog

When and Where to use Bird Spikes

Written By: Meredith Walako/ Bird-B-Gone, Inc. 5-25-12

Bird Spikes, they were invented in the 1940′s and have since become a staple tool in bird control. While they’re not quite a household name or known product, many professionals have familiarized themselves with the concept. And though there have been several advancements in bird deterrents since, such as automatic remote hazing units and electric track systems, Bird Spikes still play an important role in deterring birds. It’s a simple product with very effective results, as long as they are used for what they are designed for.

Bird Spikes are a physical bird deterrent used to prevent birds from landing in unwanted areas. The Spikes are not sharp, and not designed to harm birds. They simply create an uneven landing space that large birds cannot land on. Bird-B-Gone is the only bird control company that manufactures their bird spikes in the USA, ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality in the industry.

Bird Spikes, just like any other wildlife, pest or bird control product are designed for specific situations and species. Birds are smart and adaptable -  finding the right product that fits your scenario is key in successful pest bird exclusion. The species of bird, the area they are causing a problem and whether or not the birds are nesting will dictate whether they are a viable option. In other words, Bird Spikes are not 100% effective everywhere they are installed, there are many pest bird scenarios that require a completely different solution.

The misuse of Bird Spikes and false advertising claims, have unfortunately begun to give Bird Spikes a bad name. Disillusionment usually arises bird spikes are installed for small birds or a nesting situation, or  a lower grade, cheaper version was chosen to cut costs. Not all Bird Spikes are built the same. In fact some models are surprising flimsy. But that fact remains, Bird Spikes are an effective solution – they are easy to install, low cost and when built right, can last for many years. (Bird-B-Gone spikes carry 5 year and 10 year guarantees)

So when and where are the correct scenarios to choose Bird Spikes to deter birds? Bird Spikes are designed for birds pigeon sized or larger. Smaller birds can usually get footing in between the spikes – if they are persistent about landing in a particular spot, the spikes will not deter them. So it’s important to note that Bird Spikes are typically only effective for large bird species – birds pigeon sized or larger. Secondly, Bird Spikes are not recommended for use where birds have been nesting. Determined birds that have worked hard to establish their nesting site are not so easy to deter. Even large birds such as pigeons have been known at times to drop nesting materials over spikes in efforts to keep their desired spot. Lastly, if you have a large area to cover, Bird Spikes may not be the most economic solution. For instance, if you have a large warehouse with hundreds to thousands of feet of I-beams or overhead ledges that birds are landing on, although bird spikes may be effective, they may not be the best choice for your money. Bird Netting should be considered.

Bird Spikes, pigeon spikes, spike strips, whatever you know them as, remain an effective bird control tool and a smart choice when the setting is right..To learn more about bird spikes or other commercial bird deterrents, visit us at http://www.birdbgone.com, call 1-800-392-6915 or email nobirds@birdbgone.com


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