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Urban Bird Control | Bird•B•Gone Blog

The Art of Urban Bird Control

Birds-PoopFree Training Classes Available
by Fran Prisco

Urban Bird Control?
Why should we care about pest birds?  It seems the latest issue concerning property management and building maintenance companies is Pest Birds.  Every year millions of dollars are spent cleaning up after and repairing the damage caused by pest birds such as pigeons, sea gulls, crows and other urban birds.  Not only are these problems unsightly, but also pest birds and their feces can spread 60 plus transmittable diseases.  Safety, sanitation and health hazards caused by bird droppings can pose serious liability risks, and left untreated, can lead to accidents and lawsuits.  Bird feces, bird nests and debris can also create a bad public image with tenants and patrons.

Pest birds such as pigeons, gulls, starlings, sparrows and swallows can cause thousands of dollars of damage a year to buildings, industrial facilities, equipment and machinery. Building owners and managers are tired of spending thousands of dollars a year cleaning up bird feces or repairing the damage that is caused by the birds and their droppings. Bird droppings are acidic and can eat away at paint and erode building materials requiring clean up, painting and repairs.  Pest birds will roost and nest on building roofs causing damage and possible health hazards.  Pest pigeons like to build their nests on flat surfaces that are elevated such as ledges, windowsills, and under HVAC units.  Left unchecked pest pigeons will take over a rooftop making it a potential health hazard.  Finding a solution to a pest bird infestation can be a daunting task.

Learning Bird Control:

The first step in adding bird control to your service line is to get training.  There are companies across the country that sell and distribute bird control products.  Some offer training classes in product installation.  The most comprehensive course out there is Bird-B-Gone University.  They not only train you in product installation, but also bird behavior, marketing and selling bird control and how to estimate and quote jobs.  The Bird-B-Gone University is a free course and is accredited in the state of California.  You will receive hands on product installation training as well as classroom training.  Classes generally meet once a month in Orange, California.  Bird-B-Gone University will also come to your for your corporate training.

Adding Bird Control Services:

Once you have been trained in the “art” of urban bird control, it is now time to add it to your service line.  Bird control is an excellent add-on to services such as pest control, window washing, roofing and other construction activities.

Marketing and Selling Bird Control:

Companies like Bird-B-Gone, Inc. will be happy to provide you with product catalogs, display cases that you can carry to your customers sites and personalized literature to leave behind at prospective job sites.  It is also a good idea to add bird control as a service to your website, yellow page ads, business cards and other marketing materials.

Selling bird control is a mater of need.  If a business has a bird issue, be sure to point out the cost savings no longer having to clean-up and repair damage caused by the birds.  Bird feces also give business a bad image to their customers.  Remind your customer that birds carry disease, bird droppings not only cause damage to building materials but they can carry any of over 60 transmittable diseases.

Whether bird control is an add-on to your existing line of business or your total business, it can be very profitable.  Be sure to use top of the line products like those from Bird-B-Gone, Inc.  Once you get ride of the birds at one building or business, look next door; because the birds may have gone to your next customer.


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