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Bird Proofing for Architects and Engineers

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Whether you’re planning a hospital or hotel, an office building or retail complex, clients are increasingly expressing concern over bird defacement and damage. While the building or structure may look magnificent when completed, without effective bird proofing measures, pest birds soon invade to poop all over signs, roofs and beautiful facades.

Pigeons are probably the worst offenders, with each bird averaging about 25 pounds of droppings annually. Multiply that times several hundred birds per location and you’ve got quite a mess on your hands. Hawks and swallows may occasionally cause unexpected and unusual pest bird problems. And blackbirds and crows have certainly done their share of damage. Even woodpeckers have been known to peck unsightly holes into wood facades while digging for insects or to simply communicate with other woodpeckers. Without bird proofing, your beautiful building can lose its luster fairly quickly.

As most people know, much of the damage done by birds is caused by bird droppings. The acidity in these droppings can severely degrade most stone and metal materials, eventually reaching substrate areas to cause irreparable damage. Birds are often drawn in large flocks to the nooks, crannies and porticos of structures. They like to build nests on roof ledges, windowsills, and building projections. And they enjoy perching and pooping all over signs, statues, trusses and beams. These areas not only offer high visibility from which to observe potential food sources, but they provide shelter and protection from ground-based predators.



Giant Bird Appears Behind News Anchor

Friday, November 13th, 2009

From: Myfoxla.com    Published : Friday, 23 Oct 2009, 2:04 PM PDT

“(MYFOX NATIONAL) – It looked like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock film or “Jurassic Park.”

Peter Hitchener, an anchor on Australia’s Channel Nine news , was on camera on Wednesday night when a giant seagull appeared on the screen behind him. Turns out it was a normal-sized bird that was magnified by the camera shooting the skyline.”

Read complete story here

Facility Managers, Business Owners,  and anyone responsible for building maintenance know all to well that pest birds often end up in spaces they just shouldnt be! Whether it’s seagulls on a roofline, pigeons nesting under eaves, or sparrows hanging out on a sign, the “mess” they leave behind can damage building materials and reduce the aesthetics of an area. Unless giant birds are going to be a feature on this news station, they should really think about bird proofing the area, something as simple as bird spikes would likely keep the seagull away. 

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