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What It Means To Be An Authorized Installer

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

authorized installerWhen it comes to bird control, anyone can determine whether or not a bird problem exists, but that doesn’t get you too far unless you are a certified bird control expert. Without understanding and being able to identify the details of bird problems, it could be anyone’s guess as to what the real issues is and what it will take to resolve the problem.

Being properly trained is a key component to becoming a certified bird control expert. Being trained as a bird control expert equips you with the tools to assess a situation, analyze the bird species and behavior, ask the right questions, recommend a solution(s) and implement the solution. If you are evaluating a bird control problem with no expertise, you might find that while you can identify certain aspects of the problem, the whole picture isn’t always revealed unless you have been trained to look for certain details and to ask specific questions. One of the most common errors to stem from lack of training is recommending the wrong product or solution.

Know What to Look For & Ask the Right Questions:

Being properly trained allows you to identify and analyze every aspect of the situation, starting with asking the right questions.
1.    What type of bird? Identifying the species of bird is paramount in determining a solution. Different bird species have different behavior patterns so it’s important to understand the type bird you are dealing with. Additionally, not all bird control products are effective in deterring all bird species.
2.    Where are they? Knowing where the birds are located on the premises is another key component to providing a solution. Birds on a roof are a different problem from birds gathering around an entryway. Certain products that are recommended for roofs and ledges would not be applicable to the walkway outside a building or office.
3.    What are they doing? Bird behavior on the premises is just as important as knowing where they are located. If a bird is nesting, a completely different course of action may be taken than if the birds are landing or roosting.
4.    How many? The last major question to ask customers is how many birds there are. A few birds could be cause for a single product whereas dozens of birds might require multiple products.

Often times the customer will not know all the answers so doing a site evaluation is best when possible.

Recommending A Solution:

Depending on the Q/A session or site evaluation, a single product may be suggested or an integrated solution may be implemented.

Recommending a product or solution isn’t dependent only on the size of the bird; it is also based on behavior of the bird. If birds are nesting, full exclusivity is required to keep the birds entirely away from the nesting area. In this case bird netting or bird slope would be recommended to prevent birds from accessing the area. When birds are landing and roosting, however, other bird deterrents can be used: bird spikes, bird gel, bird jolt flat track and bird wire.


Bird-B-Gone University – Next Class Friday April 20th

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Bird-B-Gone University is a FREE course designed to teach the basics of bird control . 

If you are looking to expand your business by increasing the services your company provides, or just looking to develop your bird control knowledge, this is an excellent opportunity for you!

Bird-B-Gone is the leading manufacturer of professional grade bird deterrents and provides superior customer service, training and support. Those who attend the class will receive a certificate of completion and are added to our list of authorized installers. Attendees who work in California will receive credits towards their branch II SPCB license.

The next class is Friday, April 20th, 2012

Classes are held at the Bird-B-Gone manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California. The all-day course includes:



Got Pest Birds? Hire a Bird Control Professional

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Written By: Alex Kecskes

Pest birds cause millions of dollars in damage every year. They destroy building facades, paint finishes, statues, food, crops and private property. In the past, keeping birds off property was a huge challenge. Poisons, guns, cannons, and various culling methods offered only limited success. These “solutions” were, for the most part, inhumane, often injuring birds, pets and people. The other problem with these methods was that pest birds just kept coming back. Sometimes in larger numbers.

Enter the Bird Control Professional

Here at last is someone who really understands birds, their habits and how to humanely and effectively deal with them. Someone who is more than just a supplier of bird deterrent or bird repellent devices, but an expert who gauges his or her success by how effectively they solve your pest bird problems. This was a true professional who understood bird control and the many devices that were becoming available to achieve a satisfactory result.

The point is, anyone can sell spikes, netting or sonic deterrents online.  The fact is, some companies have switched to e-commerce, leaving you alone to purchase and install a bird control product using instructions you have to hunt for online.


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