Pigeons a Problem for Green Brook Housing Complex

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Written By: Eric Haftel June 5, 2012

Jeffrey R. Pocaro, an attorney representing a Green Brook resident who lives in the Mountainview at Green Brook Complex, came to the the Green Brook Township Committee on Monday looking for help.

After pointing out a spelling error in the township’s property managment code, Pocaro then asked for an amendment to it to address an issue he said is causing a problem at the complex: pigeons.

“I…ask you to add mold and feces as items that the code can require a homeowner to clean up,” Pocaro said. He charged that a ”pigeon clan” is “taking over the buildings.”

“There’s about 100 of them. It started out 10 years ago with about five-six,” Pocaro said. “When you go around the complex when the sun comes up, they fly in like a flock of geese and they start taking over the buildings.”

He then explained that they are beginning to harm the buildings with their non-stop pecking.

“They are deteriorating our roof,” Pocaro told the board adamently.

Pocaro explained that there is a solution to his probem, and asked for the committee’s help.

“An application was made to the Board of Health to get a certification…that the pigeon clan at Mountainview is a health hazard,” Pocaro explained to the board. “If we were to get that certification, under federal law, we could start killing the pigeons off.”

Mayor Searfoss, who is the liason to the Board of Health, said he didn’t recall hearing about the issue.

“This ‘pigeon clan’ is news to me,” Mayor Searfoss told Pocaro. “I didn’t know that we had a roving gang of pigeons in Green Brook, to be perfectly honest, and I don’t think that I’m gonna give permission to somebody to start shooting pigeons up on the hill.”

Pocaro responded by saying that, “they do it another way,” but it was to no avail.

Both the mayor and the township attorney said that it was a private issue that needed to be taken up with the development’s homeowner’s association.

Pocaro questioned why there even was a building maintenance code.

When committee members reiterated that it was a private matter, Pocaro threatened to include them in a possible lawsuit against the homeowner’s association.

“You’re pushing me to include the building department and the township in the lawsuit,” Pocaro told the board, while looking directly at Township Attorney Bill Willard. “If you’re not gonna enforce the property maintenance code, you’re gonna have a problem with the Superior Court judge, and me.”

Willard did not respond lightly to the threat.

“I’ll put you on notice right now that that would be frivolous claim if you file it,” he said.

Pocaro simply responded by saying, “we’ll see.”

This article was edited to correct the name of the township attorney.


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