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Improper Bird Deterrent Installation or Application | Bird•B•Gone Blog

Improper Bird Deterrent Installation or Application

Spikes placed incorrectly next to an owl decoy. The crow is given plenty of room to land on the ledge while the installation looks sloppy.

Written By: Meredith Walako

Bird Deterrents are designed to humanely deter birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. However, improper installation or misuse of products can lead to undesirable results that can potentially harm birds while also not being effective at deterring them in the first place.

Not every product works for every bird problem and certain products require care and planning to be successful. This is why it’s important to hire or consult a professional when dealing with a pest bird problem on your home or property.

From the installers perspective, improper installation can be a liability. Bad press, lawsuits and more can ensure if birds or humans are negatively impacted due to improper usage or installation.

Avoid claims that a product will work “100%” of the time. Most seasoned bird control professionals know there is nothing further from the truth. Choosing the correct product depends on the type of bird, the area its posing a problem and whether the birds are nesting or not. Other times, one type of product may not be enough – integrated solutions – using multiple products in conjunction with each other may work best for difficult bird problems.

There have been some recent news articles that have highlighted the negative impact of using bird deterrents improperly. Here are just a few with examples of what could have / should have been done in the first place.

Examples of Bird Net Installation Gone Wrong:

Actor fights for pigeons trapped in building net  – Times of India

Bird Netting was installed over building vents before birds were allowed to escape. The installation company should have done their due diligence of humanely releasing the birds before the installation. Live Bird Traps, Capture Netting and other devices can be used to ensure trapped birds have the opportunity to leave the area. Bird Scape is a product offered by Bird-B-Gone that is installed in Bird Netting to allow any birds behind the net to escape the installation. The humane cone like feature allows birds to fly out of enclosed areas, but not back in.

Pigeon netting meant to curb droppings turns into bird deathtrap at Bronx courthouseNY Daily News

Here Birds were getting behind a Bird Net Installation through holes and tears in the actual netting. This can be the result of using inferior low grade nets or lack of proper upkeep and maintenance. Choosing inexpensive bird netting that is not designed for long term outdoor use can lead to fast deterioration. Instead, choose Heavy Duty Bird Netting like Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Net 2000. Bird Net 2000 black mesh is UV protected and comes with an industry leading 10 year guarantee. If the holes are created by routine building maintenance activities such as window washing, regular check ups and up keep of the netting should be added to a recurring maintenance checklist.

Another popular bird control product commonly misused and applied is Bird Gel:

Pigeon repellent gel severely hurting other birds in UtahThe Utah Standard Examiner

The article details bird gel getting stuck in bird feathers, trapping and harming birds. Bird Gel is the type of product that applies to few situations. For one, Bird Gel should NEVER be applied on anything but a horizontal surface. If applied to curved or vertical surface it can get into bird feathers making it hard or impossible to achieve flight. With enough gel installed on a vertical surface, it can actually trap birds to sides of buildings. Secondly, Bird Gel is only designed for Pigeons and Starlings – bird gel should never be used for protected bird species, small birds, or where birds have been nesting.

The best bet is to consult with a Bird Control Professional to help you choose or install the best product.

Experienced installers and bird control specialists know what factors to consider when planning a successful bird exclusion.

At Bird-B-Gone, we offer the most in-depth support and training in the industry. We partner with our customers to consult in all aspects of bird control.

Free training and support

Bird-B-Gone offers free training, marketing materials and support. This includes Bird-B-Gone University – an all day course that teaches the basics of bird control and qualifies customers to become a Bird-B-Gone Authorized installer.

We won’t just leave you Hanging.

Our goal is not to just sell products, but rather to help our customers avoid costly mistakes and create predictable success. We want our customers to feel confident they have the knowledge and support needed to successfully tackle any bird job that comes their way.

Call us today whether you are specifying bird control on a job, are an installer and need help with choosing the right product or proper installation, or are handling you bird control problem in house and need advice. You can reach us at 1-800-392-6915 or email nobirds@birdbgone.com




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