Golden Eagle Snatches Kid Video – Not Likely

In a YouTube video (Golden Eagle Snatches Kid) currently going viral and shown on Fox News, a Golden Eagle is supposedly shown attempting to carry off a small child.  Fortunately for all of us, this video is a fake.  Some viewers familiar with CGI animation claim that the sequence is most likely computer generated.  No matter how the clip was created, the bird in the video is definitely not a Golden Eagle.  The wing shape and plumage pattern are not at all similar to a Golden Eagle.  In fact, the exact plumage does not seem to exactly match any known eagle species—though some birders suggest that it most resembles an Australian Black-breasted Buzzard—which are frequently owned and flown by falconers.  If the clip is not computer generated, than this had to have been staged by someone with an exotic bird of prey and a doll.  Despite what we may see in the media, birds of prey are not a threat to small children, or even most household pets over 3 lbs.


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