Fundraising under way for pigeon control

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Written By: MAUNETTE LOEKS Staff Reporter

An initiative of the downtown revitalization project will include ridding the downtown of pests — pigeons.

For years, downtown business owners have complained about pigeons roosting in the downtown community. Efforts to rid downtown of the pigeons have not been successful, including demolition of the former Hergert Mill property made possible by Neighborhood Stabilization grant funding.

Instead, the pigeons have continued to call the downtown home.

“The pigeons have created a real problem for the downtown business owners,” City Manager Rick Kuckkahn said Monday. He said downtown business owners have complained about customers tracking in pigeon droppings and that droppings have contributed to damage on facades and awnings.

“There are also diseases that can be transmitted through pigeon droppings,” he said. With that, the issue came under the purview of the Scotts Bluff County Health Department. The USDA has offered to become involved.

During Monday’s council meeting, the council approved a proposal for the USDA to come into the community and employ pigeon control methods. Though a method has not been determined, Kuckkahn said it is understanding that three methods could be considered: sterilization, exterminating the pigeons by shooting them and trapping them. The USDA may employ a combination of methods.

The City of Scottsbluff won’t be funding or involved with the initiative, Kuckkahn said. Downtown business owners are currently involved in a fundraising effort to assist with the paying the costs of the pigeon control efforts.


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