How to Market Your Bird Control Services

Written By: Meredith Walako 5-16-12 / Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Marketing – for some business owners and operators this can be a frightening term. With all of the new platforms (and more popping up every day) it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you  are already looking at a full plate.

Adding bird control services is a lucrative way to bring in some extra revenue for Pest or Wildlife Control businesses and other service companies. But how do you get the word out that you do “bird work“? Today, marketing is all about being creative, resourceful, and original – and its easier (and cheaper) than you’d think.  Thanks to the internet, there are many free avenues to help let people know that you can help solve a bird problem – too. You can also still rely on some conventional marketing strategies. With a little foresight and planing, you can start your bird control marketing campaign today.

Lets take a look at the three components we listed above:

Creativity – How can you get your business noticed? What will grab customers attention? Where can you reach new clients? Be creative! Look beyond the traditional yellow page ads and truck decals. Try participating in local community events, sponsorship opportunities and other ways you can get your business involved – and seen in the community.

Resourcefulness – So you don’t have the biggest budget for marketing. That’s just fine! Today there are many free marketing resources online such as free directory listings on major websites, blogs, and social media pages. In the book, “How to win friends and influence people”, Dale Carnegie explains that showing genuine interest in those whom you are looking to attract, is a winning idea for getting noticed. Start a Facebook or twitter page and interact with your customers.

Originality -It’s easy to copy someone else’s marketing message, or something thats been done over and over, but how does that get you noticed? Stand out from the crowd, craft your own image, ideas and company personality. Originality can go a long way. Look at the Bird-B-Gone logo for instance, it’s regarded as many things including poignant and whimsical – but most of all – It’s memorable.

The newly updated Bird-B-Gone website has a resource center that offers some direct suggestions and ideas for marketing your bird control services. Click HERE to learn more about getting the word out. It’s just one of the many free resources Bird-B-Gone offers. If you are a Pest or Wildlife control operator looking to be trained on the basics of bird control, try Bird-B-Gone University – our free training course. Call us at 1-800-392-6915 or email to learn more!



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