Bird Strike Against Power Line Sparks 7 Acre Fire

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Kai Beech and Cecilio Padilla FOX40 News
6:38 p.m. PDT, June 10, 2012


With the Red Flag Warning still in effect for most of the valley, officials have been warning the public about how quickly a fire can start.

In a field near Rio Vista Sunday afternoon, all it took was a bird strike against a power line to spark a fire. With wind still being a factor, the fire was able to quickly spread 7 acres.

“There’s no fire guards out here and the thing could have run and run, but it was close to town and were able to get to it right away,” said Dan Schindler, assistant chief of the Montezuma Fire District.

No structures were in danger. Officials urge people to put fire guards up and cultivate defensible space to help prevent a fire from damaging their property.

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