Bird Spikes Top the List for Pigeon Control at Schools

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With their open courtyards, outdoor eating tables and overflowing garbage cans, schools can draw pigeons by the hundreds, especially during bird season. Without effective pigeon control measures to deter them, pigeons can deface school property and leave mounds of disease-carrying droppings.  These droppings—which can carry salmonella and e-coli—will cover benches, tables, playground equipment, even doorknobs. Wet pigeon droppings are very slippery and leave dangerous slip-and-fall hazards.

Pigeon poisons are dangerous to use around children. And just frightening the birds away with loud noises or water hoses are ineffective. What’s needed are professional-level pigeon control devices. Here are some proven-effective pigeon deterrents recommended by bird control experts:

Deny them a Place to Perch with Bird Spikes

Pigeons love to perch on rooflines, parapet walls and most any elevated area around a school.  Bird Spikes deny them the opportunity by making it impossible for them to land. The bird spikes most often preferred by government entities are made of stainless steel with the spikes embedded in a UV-protected polycarbonate base. These have a 10-year guarantee and come in 1”, 3”, 5” and 8” widths to cover wider and wider areas. The spikes have a 1.5”  base, which allows them to be glued, screwed, or tied down to narrow landings. The best, high quality bird spikes have been approved by several humane groups around the world–including the US Humane Society and PICAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

Whisk them Off with the Repeller 360°

Ideal for use on rooftops and other flat, elevated  areas where pigeons tend to flock, the Repeller 360° is entirely wind powered. The device’s large arms rotate continuously to discourage pigeons from landing. The arms cover a 6-foot diameter area. The end of each arm is covered with a large reflective “predator eye” to intimidate the most determined pigeon. For lasting durability, the stainless steel arms are attached to a UV-protected polycarbonate base. The Repeller 360° assembles easily and can be attached with a variety of available bases.

Bird Wire Systems Keep Pigeons Away

Birds like a nice steady landing perch. Pigeons are no exception. Which is why Bird Wire Systems are so effective in denying them a place to perch. These post-and-spring-wire set-ups are easily installed along any roofline, elevated railing or parapet wall. Post Wire Systems are often used by Federal and State government buildings. As with all bird control devices, it pays to go for quality. The best bird wire systems feature nylon coated stainless steel wire for lasting durability, rain or shine.

Pigeons Fear to Tread on Bird Gels

Pigeons don’t like walking on a sticky surface. One or two steps on Bird Gel and off they go. Bird Gels are easy to applied using the standard caulking guns your maintenance people already have. The chemical stays sticky for six months.



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