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Bird Control: Handling Pest Bird Problems at Your Facility | Bird•B•Gone Blog

Bird Control: Handling Pest Bird Problems at Your Facility

A proactive approach can save time & money

Article written by: Meredith Walako / Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Published in: American School and Hospital Facility

November/ December Issue 2011

You have birds. Whether its pigeons roosting on window sills or gulls nesting near rooftop A.C. units, you know the are creating a problem that must be addressed.

Where Do You Start?
Many facilities pay for landscaping, window washing and other general services to help maintain the appearance and functionality of a building. But what about bird control? The first step is acknowledging the potential hazards birds and bird droppings can create.

Bruce Donoho, Owner of Bird•B•Gone, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of bird control products, says birds can cause considerable problems for buildings. “The build up of bird droppings and nesting materials can pose a health risk for building tenants, especially if found near ventilation systems. Bird droppings carry disease and those most susceptible are people with compromised immune systems which include the young, elderly, and those with chronic illness. Bird droppings can also corrode building materials and machinery, ruin stored product and cost a business thousands of dollars every year for clean-up.”

The Advantages of Bird Control
Convincing management to include bird control measures into the budget can be easy when you present the cost versus the benefit.

If you have a maintenance crew doing any regular clean-up of bird droppings at your facility, installing bird deterrents will cut costs and free up the crew to focus on other projects.

There is also the potential damage to buildings caused by highly acidic bird droppings, clogged drains from nests, slip and fall risks, machine and equipment damage, health risk, health code violations and more.

These are all common problems associated with birds on buildings that can be prevented by installing bird deterrents. Pest bird issues tend to get more expensive the longer they are left unattended, as building features may need extensive cleaning or repair.

First Step: Evaluate the Situation
Visit the affected area and gather some basic information to help determine your next course of action. Is this an easy fix or more involved than expected?

Note exactly where the birds are and what they are doing. Are they nesting in the area or simply perching? List the negative impact the birds are having on the area and whether it is a continuous clean up of bird droppings or an image or health concern. This will help determine how much time and money is currently spent on the situation and will also help you foresee any problems you may face if the birds are not deterred from the area.

Second Step: Consider Your Resources
Once you have assessed the bird problem, decide whether this is something you can resolve in-house or not.

Is your crew equipped to handle the bird problem? Do they have the time and proper equipment? Some bird problems are simple to handle, while others can be quite complicated. If an area is not properly “bird proofed,” birds will usually find a way back to the spot. If you are considering installing bird control products, do not go it alone. Companies like Bird•B•Gone can help you choose the correct product and give installation advice.

If you do not have the time or expertise to solve the bird problem, look to your current pest control company. They will likely offer bird control as a service.

If you are not currently working with a pest control company, and still do not want to handle the bird problem in-house, there are companies out there that can help. Contact a bird control distributor for qualified installers that are experienced in commercial and industrial bird exclusion.

Third Step: Make It Happen
The longer birds are allowed to inhabit an area, the more difficult they will be to disperse.

Take a proactive approach so you can save time and money. Projects can seem daunting when you look at the complete task, but breaking it down in sections can help get the ball rolling without project anxiety. Make a clear assessment of the problem and call for a materials quote or an experienced installer. Bird•B•Gone can help you choose the correct product or point you in the direction of a qualified installer in your area.

Meredith Walako works in marketing for Bird•B•Gone, Inc., a leading manufacturer of bird control products. Walako has been with the company for over 9 years.



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