Bird-B-Gone, Inc. Awarded Three New Patents

Bird Jolt Flat Track is the only electric bird abatement system with patented anti-arcing designs.


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Mission Viejo Ca: Bird-B-Gone has just been awarded three new patents.

Bird-B-Gone supplies the commercial, industrial and residential market with effective, humane bird deterrents manufactured in the USA.

The company makes it their mission to stay on top of the latest advancements in the bird control industry incorporating new technologies with tried and true methods to develop the most effective bird deterrents available.

Two of the new patents issued were for Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Jolt Flat Track system, a low profile electric track that deters birds from landing on flat or curved surfaces. Bird Jolt Flat Track will not harm birds – it simply conditions them to avoid the area.

Currently it’s the only electric bird abatement track available with patented anti arcing and glue trough designs. The two new patents reflect further improvements on the system. The first involves the knitted wire mesh that runs along the top of the track to conduct electricity. Bird-B-Gone has raised this mesh along the top of the track allowing for more points of contact with birds and therefore increasing the tracks effectiveness.

Bird-B-Gone manufactures Bird Jolt Flat Track at their facility in Southern California easily allowing for improvements on products where needed. The second new patent deals with the way the track is manufactured. The patent covers the way in which the conductive mesh is sewn into the base of the track creating an elevated thread position which allows for insulation and further prevents electrical arcing.

The plastic Bird Spike was invented by Bird-B-Gone, Inc. in the 90′s

The third patent involves Bird-B-Gone’s plastic bird spike. Bird-B-Gone’s owner, Bruce Donoho, invented the all plastic one mold bird spike in the 90’s when the company was launched. The new patent allows for the base of the spike to have a varying width.

The three patents represent Bird-B-Gone’s ongoing commitment to providing the most effective, humane bird control products on the market. The company is constant striving to meet the needs of the industry and their customers. The three new patents are:

  • Patent # US8196340 B2
  • Patent # US8196341 B2
  • Patent # US8191303 B2

About: Bird-B-Gone is dedicated to providing customers with the latest advancements in the bird control industry. New technologies are combined with tried and true methods to develop the most effective bird deterrents available. At Bird-B-Gone our expertise, training and customer service set us apart. Our products carry the longest industry guarantees, and are proudly made in the United States. We have a team of Bird Control Experts that can help solve virtually any pest bird problem.

Visit us online at to learn more or call us at 1-800-392-6915 or email with additional questions.


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