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2013 May | Bird•B•Gone Blog

Archive for May, 2013

Goose Repellent: Get rid of geese

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Goose Repellent Often found on large inland bodies of water–like lakes, reservoirs, large ponds, and on seashores and rivers–Canada Geese are grazers and feed in shallow water, pastures and arable land. Without goose repellents, these birds are most likely to return to the area they were born. These geese leave behind an abundance of droppings, which can be a health hazard, and feathers. Canada Geese graze relentlessly, killing grass in areas where they reside and leaving piles of unsightly poop. Keep these birds away from with bird control products.

There are several humane bird solutions to get rid of geese. One method of deterring Canada Geese is by removing their food source. This can be done with Migrant Goose Repellant is a non-toxic, food grade liquid product that is used to deter geese from common grazing areas, like lawns and shrubs. Migrant Goose Repellant is made from a non-toxic grape extract that when ingested causes an irritation to the mucous membranes and trigeminal nerves resulting in the geese avoiding the treated area. Disrupting their habitat by removing any reeds will also discourage geese from nesting in grassy areas.

Scare tactics such as sound bird deterrents are also effective in goose control. Sonic Shield is a motion activated device that replicates a vicious dog barking sound when triggered. The sensor reaches a distance of about 30 feet to the front and 20 feet side to side. This is an inexpensive solution to bird control. The Goose-B-Gone Super Sonic another sound bird deterrent. It is more costly than the Sonic Shield but reaches a much greater distance and is very effective. It plays goose distress calls and predator sounds to scare geese away from property(or any area within a one acre radius).

The scarecrow is another effective motion activated scare tactic that sprays water from a sprinkler system every time it is triggered by motion. The scarecrow is used for lawns, docks, pools and other areas.  Coyote decoys are another inexpensive solution to getting rid of geese. These decoys can be placed in the nearby area and keep geese away since coyote feed on them.
Most goose control products are easy to install, however, if you have neither the time nor resources to install the goose deterrent products, there are wildlife and pest control professionals that offer humane capture and release services.

Get rid of the geese and get back to lush green grass!


Keep Birds Off Ledges with Bird Spikes

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

keep birds away with bird spikesLarge birds, such as pigeons and gulls, are notorious for landing on the ledges of buildings causing hazardous situations as well as structural damage and a very unpleasant visual appearance. Bird control is necessary to keep large birds away.

There are huge risks associated with pest birds on buildings and ledges. Bird droppings are acidic and can cause structural damage by eating through paint, some roofing materials and fabrics resulting in massive spending on restoration and/or complete replacement. Health hazards associated with pest birds pooping on and around buildings are serious since birds carry a multitude of diseases that are easily spread when droppings dry and form a dust that is sucked through AC units and then inhaled. And of course legal issues arise when slip and fall incidents occur on your premises due to messy bird droppings. 

How do you get rid of birds on your buildings and ledges? Bird Spikes! Bird•B•Gone has top class bird spikes that will keep birds away. Bird spikes come in polycarbonate (plastic) or stainless steel and are the ultimate solution to getting rid of birds on buildings and ledges. The bird spikes are durable, effective and long lasting with a five year guaranty on the polycarbonate bird spikes and a 10 year guarantee on the stainless steel bird spikes. Bird•B•Gone’s patented technology on its stainless steel bird spikes make them superior to any spike on the market. Bird spikes are available in a variety of sizes (and colors in the plastic bird spikes) to suit your bird control needs.

Installing bird spikes will save your company time and money by ensuring birds stay off of your buildings and ledges. Installation is easy as bird spikes can either be glued down with polyurethane adhesive or nailed down. Bird•B•Gone also offers a free training class to guide installers through the process and if you don’t have your own installation crew, Bird•B•Gone can connect you with professional installers in your area.

Our online bird spike comparison chart or our team of specialists will help you determine which bird spikes are best for your bird problem. Keep pest birds away from your ledges!
We proudly make all of our bird spikes in the USA.


Bird Spikes Top the List for Pigeon Control at Schools

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Stianless Steel Bird Spikes photo Bird-Spike-with-US-Flagpng

With their open courtyards, outdoor eating tables and overflowing garbage cans, schools can draw pigeons by the hundreds, especially during bird season. Without effective pigeon control measures to deter them, pigeons can deface school property and leave mounds of disease-carrying droppings.  These droppings—which can carry salmonella and e-coli—will cover benches, tables, playground equipment, even doorknobs. Wet pigeon droppings are very slippery and leave dangerous slip-and-fall hazards.

Pigeon poisons are dangerous to use around children. And just frightening the birds away with loud noises or water hoses are ineffective. What’s needed are professional-level pigeon control devices. Here are some proven-effective pigeon deterrents recommended by bird control experts:

Deny them a Place to Perch with Bird Spikes

Pigeons love to perch on rooflines, parapet walls and most any elevated area around a school.  Bird Spikes deny them the opportunity by making it impossible for them to land. The bird spikes most often preferred by government entities are made of stainless steel with the spikes embedded in a UV-protected polycarbonate base. These have a 10-year guarantee and come in 1”, 3”, 5” and 8” widths to cover wider and wider areas. The spikes have a 1.5”  base, which allows them to be glued, screwed, or tied down to narrow landings. The best, high quality bird spikes have been approved by several humane groups around the world–including the US Humane Society and PICAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

Whisk them Off with the Repeller 360°

Ideal for use on rooftops and other flat, elevated  areas where pigeons tend to flock, the Repeller 360° is entirely wind powered. The device’s large arms rotate continuously to discourage pigeons from landing. The arms cover a 6-foot diameter area. The end of each arm is covered with a large reflective “predator eye” to intimidate the most determined pigeon. For lasting durability, the stainless steel arms are attached to a UV-protected polycarbonate base. The Repeller 360° assembles easily and can be attached with a variety of available bases.

Bird Wire Systems Keep Pigeons Away

Birds like a nice steady landing perch. Pigeons are no exception. Which is why Bird Wire Systems are so effective in denying them a place to perch. These post-and-spring-wire set-ups are easily installed along any roofline, elevated railing or parapet wall. Post Wire Systems are often used by Federal and State government buildings. As with all bird control devices, it pays to go for quality. The best bird wire systems feature nylon coated stainless steel wire for lasting durability, rain or shine.

Pigeons Fear to Tread on Bird Gels

Pigeons don’t like walking on a sticky surface. One or two steps on Bird Gel and off they go. Bird Gels are easy to applied using the standard caulking guns your maintenance people already have. The chemical stays sticky for six months.



How to Keep Pest Animals From Sheds, Barns and Storage Areas

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Scare animal away

If you have a shed, barn or even an open storage area, and you happen to live anywhere but the inner city, you’ll have critters trying to sneak in. These critters can include bats, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, skunks, raccoons, even deer and bears. If you store any kind of food in these structures, these critters will make a beeline for them to seek not only food but shelter.

Chances are, you’ve encountered this problem before and probably thrown up your hands in frustration. For you’ve tried traps and poisons and all manner of homegrown critter deterrents—all with minimally effective results. You’ve even tried mothballs and animal urine—no help. You’re just about ready to whip out your shotgun, but unless you live “in the sticks,” there are legal and safety concerns in going that route.

But the fact remains, you’ve got to find some way to get rid of animals. As you’ve undoubtedly experienced, critters can create a lot of headaches in time and money. They can eat virtually anything you’ve stored inside or outside–grain, crops, feed, the list goes on and on. Critters can also chew up the electrical wiring inside barns and sheds. Some, like raccoons and opossums, can chew into a roof faster than you can say holy critter! And they sure can leave a smelly mess if they’ve been there awhile or if they died there.

Fortunately, there is a humane, inexpensive animal deterrent that will keep critters away from your shed, barn or even an open storage area. It’s called the Bird-B-Gone Sonic Shield™. And critters don’t like it.

Light and Sound Deters Any Critter Around

The Bird-B-Gone Sonic Shield™ has been proven effective to keep a wide range of bats and four–legged critters away from your property. It uses a motion sensor that springs to life the second a critter crosses its area of protection. Once activated, a dog barking and flashing LED light scare critters away.

Works Day or Night to Give Critters a Fright

The Sonic Shield™ has both a daytime and nighttime mode of operation. For the daytime mode, flashing LED lights and loud barking dog sounds work in unison to frighten all types of critters from your property. In the nighttime mode, just the flashing LED lights come on—perfect for neighborhoods where night noises would wake up the neighbors. Either way, the Sonic Shield™ is a very cost-effective way to get rid of bats and four-legged critters. And it sure beats those ultrasonic deterrents, which emit sounds most critters can’t hear.

The Set-and-Forget Animal Deterrent

The Sonic Shield™ is self-contained, portable and goes wherever critters creep. It runs on four standard AA batteries. So you can position it practically in the path of suspected critter entry points. There’s no need for AC connections. And you won’t need to resort to such deterrents as shotguns, traps, smelly mothballs or urine.

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