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2010 September | Bird•B•Gone Blog

Archive for September, 2010

How Birds See the World

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Written By: Dr. Rob Fergus

Resident Bird-B-Gone Ornithologist discusses bird vision:

Whether you have a problem with a bird, or just enjoy birds and want to know more about them, it can be useful and enlightening to explore the world form their point of view.  The way different birds actually see the world makes a big difference in how they interact with people and our world.  Knowing how birds see and interact with the world around them can help us avoid conflicts with birds and better direct our efforts to create a world that is acceptable and beneficial for both birds and people.

Bird Vision

First of all, when we’re talking about how birds see the world, we really are interested in how birds see.  Birds are very visual creatures.  What they see helps determine how they interact with the world around them—including us!  In some ways, birds see the world very differently than humans do.  It isn’t a stretch to say that they are living in a completely different world when it comes to how much of the world they see and how it looks to them.



Pest Bird Control for Shopping Centers

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Bird Control for Shopping Centers / Written by Alex A. Kecskes

Pest birds have long plagued shopping center owners and managers. Without an effective bird control strategy, birds can literally take over a shopping center, create a huge expense, and contribute to a number of serious health issues.

One of the biggest problems created by pest birds, especially pigeons, is unsightly droppings on signage, walkways, canopies and entrances. The weekly cleanup costs can be prohibitive, requiring special crews with protective masks to do the job–airborne fecal dust can be hazardous to workers. Failure to clean up bird droppings can affect a shopping center’s image. There’s also the legal liability, should someone slip and fall due to bird droppings on an entrance or walkway. Another thing to consider is the effect bird droppings will have on open-air eateries, which have become increasingly popular in many shopping centers. Again, cleanup costs can be high, since these establishments need to be cleaned far more frequently.

Pest birds can also cause considerable damage to rooftop air conditioning units and other electrical equipment. Nesting materials, droppings, insects and other debris near wiring, relays and motors can create a fire hazard. Over time, wiring exposed to acidic bird droppings will lose its insulation and create a potential for shorts and outages. Also affected by droppings are rooftop ventilators, fans, ducting, and drainage gutters and openings. These can become clogged with nesting materials and feathers, resulting in backed-up or standing water to create roof leaks and other damage.

Finally, pest birds can damage rooftop electronic surveillance equipment like motor-driven cameras, antenna arrays and light sensors. Maintenance and cleanup of these devices and equipment can be expensive.



Bird-B-Gone Launches Online Store

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Mission Viejo CA – Bird-B-Gone, Inc., the largest manufacturer of pest bird control products in the world has officially launched an online store.  Bird-B-Gone’s complete line of professional grade bird deterrents can now be purchased through an easy to navigate shopping cart.

Bird-B-Gone prides themselves on personal interaction with customers. Over the years though, it has become clear that sometimes it’s easier for customers to place an order online.

Customers ordering through the new bird control store can rest assured knowing they will still receive the same prompt service, great support, and superior products. All orders received by 2 p.m. Pacific Time Mon-Fri will ship same day. Orders placed after the cut off time will ship the following business day.

Bird-B-Gone still encourages customers to call for product and installation advice. Their Bird Control Specialists can provide assistance when it comes to choosing, ordering, and installing the correct product and even offer on-site installation and training if needed. Can’t install the product yourself? Call for an authorized installer in your area.

“The addition of the online shopping cart is integral to our future plans, but we will always be here to help our customers over the phone and in person” said owner Bruce Donoho. “We pride ourselves on our customer service and value the relationships we build with our customers because it’s more than just bird control, its faith, family and friends.”

The new bird control store has it all – from Bird Spikes and Bird Netting to Bird Net Hardware and Tools, Electric Track Systems, Bird Wire and Accessories, Adhesive, Live Traps, Sound Deterrents and more.

About: At Bird-B-Gone it’s our expertise, training and customer service that set us apart. Our high quality bird control products carry the longest industry guarantees, and are proudly made in the United States.

Visit the online bird control store today at http://www.birdbgone.com/bird-control-store/ or call us at 1-800-392-6915 for more information.


If you Can’t Beat Em’, Join Em’

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

New iPhone game “Pigeon Squadron” allows players to take on the role of a pigeon…by pooping on people/objects:

From Knowyourmobile.com:

I-play’s Pigeon poop-‘em-up Pigeon Squadron is now available for the iPhone

Ben Griffin

Published on Sep 9, 2010

I-play has released Pigeon Squadron, its latest iPhone game.

You take on the role of a pigeon, unloading last night’s dinner onto unsuspecting people, animals and cars below. Nothing is safe from a good dousing of the white luck, as we shall call it.

Joining an elite team of paramilitary pigeons means progress is made via challenges and missions. Be it a group of pesky ducks that need to be brought down a peg or two, or a nasty man, one of the four playable pigeons will have to work their magic to move onto the next level.

Read the complete article here


From Bird-B-Gone:

In real life, pigeon poop can be a real nuisance. Not only is it unsightly, it can carry diseases and corrode building materials such as concrete, wood and steel. Pigeon droppings can corrode paint on cars and boats, and can be quite difficult to remove if left alone.

If you have pigeons on your home or business, Bird-B-Gone offers a complete line of effective, humane bird control products for virtually any situation including pigeon spikes, pigeon netting, pigeon traps, pigeon sound deterrents and more.

Not sure which product to use, or whether or not you can install it? Bird-B-Gone can get you in contact with a bird control professional in your area, call us at 1-800-392-6915.

Visit our website today at http://www.www.birdbgone.com

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